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We Can All Be Sorry - "I'd Do More" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

In the world DIY rock bands a year and a half silence can sometimes feel like an eternity. In the case of Boston’s We Can All Be Sorry, the time since their last release, Down The Hall, released in at the beginning of 2017 felt as though it could have been the end. While the members stayed busy with other projects (including the exceptional Be You Me), we’re thrilled to report that the band have returned to once again claim their position as one of the Boston underground’s best and brightest. Set to release Grand Design later this month via Super Wimpy Punch (Blue Ray, Dust From 1000 Yrs, Blue Smiley), first single “I’d Do More” once again finds the trio creating calming yet intricate indie magic.

With a programmed beat and a slinking bass groove that moves with grace and harmonic ease, the band use that ground to explore soft awakenings, greeting the dawn of a new day, no matter how they may feel about it. The guitar lines are steeped in a warm reverb, never rattling or excessive, but more a fluid motion, leaning into the bass to add nuance and a weaving symmetry. Jack Pombriant’s voice slowly builds syrupy melodies over the song’s natural glide, each swooning line landing in its own space, his voice both dreamy and dreary. There are few that can enact this sort of AM gold blend of Pinback tinged art-punk, easy psych, and lo-fi pop with such clarity and perfection.