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Lifestyles - "Wail" | Post-Trash Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Let it be known that I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word “wail” without thinking of Wayne’s World… but that’s just me. Luckily the same sentiment expressed all those year’s ago applies to Chicago’s Lifestyles who most certainly do wail. Conveniently enough, they’ve titled their new single “Wail” and it brings the riotous attack to back it up. Recorded at Electrical Audio, the song comes from a new split 7” together with their city’s own Meat Wave, a pairing that works brilliantly on paper and even better in actuality. Due out on October 26th via No Trend Records (Ganser, Absolutely Not), the band’s own screeching blends of post-punk and garage rock complete each other while carving their own paths.

“Wail” does more than the name implies though, it rips and shreds too. Right from the first pummeling blast of ragged power-chord propulsion, the band build up a dense and impenetrable stampede, eardrums be damned. The rapid hits work in opposition with Hanna Hazard’s drawn out howls, yelps, and vicious screams of “you keep on callin’ but I won’t answer,” each succession of her voice more impactful and gradually unhinged than the last. As the band writhes in a steady fit of aggression, the melodies retain a violent sting, the mayhem only strengthening their infectious appeal.

Speaking about the song, the band shared:

“The lyrics behind "Wail" came out of our endless obsession with cults and in this case specifically, Scientology. It's about how any written contract among friends or practitioners of a shared belief is inherently a negative and suspicious thing. If one requires a signed contract to prove trust, then that person is clearly indicating they have no trust. It's also one of our faster songs and we dedicate it to the memory of Grant Hart.”

Lifestyles and Meat Wave’s split 7” is out October 26th via No Trend Records.