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Twin Foxes - "Self Endowed" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Providence, Rhode Island's Twin Foxes are getting ready to release Sleeping On The Attic Floor, their full length debut, on February 9th via Tor Johnson / Midnight Werewolf Records. Built on sharp angles, crushing rhythms, and sharp vocal melodies, the band's bark doesn't quite justify the ferocious bite. Their brand of radio friendly alternative rock is jagged in structure but polished upon delivery, an intelligent mix of curveballs and accessibility. What comes across as straight-forward on first lesson has a tendency to dissolve, and while the band's brand of indie punk isn't exactly abrasive, it is unpredictable.

"Self Endowed," the record's third single, is adrift with twisting chords and stuttering polyrhythms. Led by the dominant nature of Jared Mann's smooth vocals, all seems easy enough, but the atmosphere around his pointed melody is forever shaky, quaking with the dense guitar's sprawling carnage. The song ripples around feelings of unease and the desire to escape ("Can’t get out; complicate / Severed hands will say some things). There's a queasy sense to Dylan Partridge's cascading drums and Mann's lyrics, vague enough to find your own meaning, but personally tormented in an undefined way.

Upcoming dates:

2/08 - Providence, RI @ AS220
2/09 - Amherst, MA @ 13th Floor
2/10 - Keene, NH @ House Show
2/11 - Worcester, MA @ Distant Castle
2/12 - Cambridge, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen

Twin Foxes' Sleeping On The Attic Floor is out February 9th via Tor Johnson / Midnight Werewolf Records.