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Post-Trash: Volume Three (Maria Fund Benefit) | Promo Compilation

cover art by Sami Martasian

cover art by Sami Martasian

Post-Trash is beyond thrilled to present Post-Trash: Volume Three, the latest in our yearly charitable promo compilation series. We know we're a little late as 2017 has come and gone, but we sincerely think the wait was worth it as we present you with fifty-one (!!) new tracks from some of the best up-and-coming (and in some cases legendary) bands around. This year we are pleased to donate 100% of the proceeds to, a Puerto Rican disaster relief agency formed in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The people and organizations at the grassroots are leading the day-to-day recovery and rebuilding a new Puerto Rico. The Maria Fund is dedicated to supporting these initiatives. There's lots of worthy causes these days but we felt it critical to support those still struggling all these months later with access to power, clean water, and stable living conditions.

all proceeds to benefit the Maria Fund

all proceeds to benefit the Maria Fund

The idea on our end is simple: spread good music throughout the world and do some good in the process. With so much great bands emerging from the underground and DIY scene over the past year, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few artists... so we didn't. We left it expansive, a neat fifty-one bands, defying our own expectations and making forward thinking music from abrasive punk and experimental rock to progressive pop and comforting twee. We are overwhelmed by how many bands/artists recorded a new song just for the compilation, and thrilled to present some of our favorite albums cuts as well. As always, there's something for everyone, and everything for someone. 

Download the compilation at and please donate toward the Maria Fund if you can. It's a "name-your-price download" and every bit helps. Spread the word and share the link. We can make a difference and listen to great music at the same time, the combo we've all been waiting for. Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support. A special thank you to everyone who helped make this happen and all the bands involved. - Dan

Post-Trash: Volume Three

01. David Nance - "110 Blues (I-80 Version)"
previously unreleased; Negative Boogie out now via Ba Da Bing Records

02. Booji Boys - "PC Friends Forever"
previously unreleased; Weekend Rocker out now via Drunken Sailor Records

03. Gemma - "Model Behavior"
previously unreleased; As Ever out now via Inflated Records

04. Deerhoof - "Live To Tell" (Madonna cover)
from the untitled covers tape; Mountain Moves out now via Polyvinyl Records

05. Thanks For Coming - "Have A Good One"
previously unreleased; Missing Out out now via Disposable America Records

06. Maneka - "Romantic" (Mannequin Pussy cover)
previously unreleased; Is You Is out now via Exploding In Sound Records

07. Cool Ghouls - "CCR Bootleg"
previously unreleased; Gord's Horse out now via Empty Cellar Records

08. Pardoner - "Bud" 
from the album Uncontrollable Salvation (bonus track); courtesy of Father/Daughter Records

09. C.H.E.W. - "Bread And Circus"
previously unreleased; Rash/C.H.E.W. Split 7" out now via Slug Salt Records

10. The Royal They - "Sludgefucker"
from the album Foreign Beingcourtesy of King Pizza Records

11. Bad History Month - "A Warm Recollection"
from the album Dead And Loving It...courtesy of Exploding In Sound Records

12. Gun Outfit - "Life Of Ease"
previously unreleased; Out Of Range out now via Paradise of Bachelors Records

13. Water From Your Eyes - "You Never Admit You Could Be Better"
previously unreleased; All A Dance out now via Exploding In Sound Records

14. Strange Relations - "Cut & Ran"
previously unreleased; Editorial You out now via Tiny Engines Records

15. Shilpa Ray - "Add Value Add Time"
from the album Door Girl; courtesy of Northern Spy Records

16. The Mad Doctors - "Fuck Sean Hannity"
previously unreleased; No Waves, Just Sharks out now via King Pizza Records

17. Shady Bug - "Helpless"
from the album tbh idkcourtesy of the band

18. The Cradle - "New Organ"
previously unreleased; Little Missionaries out now via HEC Tapes

19. Milked - "IPC Sub Editors Dictate Our Youth" (Clinic cover)
previously unreleased; Death On Mars out now via Exploding In Sound Records

20. Night Idea - "Villainous"
from the album Riverless; courtesy of Gigantic Noise Records

21. Surface To Air Missive - "Landing Safely"
previously unreleased; A V out now via Leaving Records

22. Spirit Was - "Golden Soul"
previously unreleased; Naked In The River With The Creator out now via Steak House Records

23. Treadles - "Kiss Of Death"
previously unreleased; Bees Are Thieves Too out now via Community Records

24. Weeping Icon - "Teeth (& A Handbag)"
from the album Eyeball Under; courtesy of Kanine / Fire Talk Records

25. Beverly Tender - "Racecar Mom" (Demo)
previously unreleased; What Have You Done To My Water out now via Disposable America Records

26. Sharkmuffin - "I Called You From The Moon" (Acoustic)
previously unreleased; Tsuki out now via Little Dickman Records

27. Steady Lean - "Me Still"
previously unreleased; Flat Jambs out now via Laughable Recordings

28. Blush - "Just Kidding"
from the album Blush; courtesy of Arrowhawk Records

29. Dust From 1000 Yrs - "Free" (Demo)
previously unreleased; Dust 2017 out now via Super Wimpy Punch Records

30. Mega Bog - "Marianne"
from the album Happy Together; courtesy of Nicey Music

31. Big French - "Write A Letter"
previously unreleased; Stone Fish out now via Wharf Cat Records

32. Christina Schneider - "$5 Best" (4-Track Demo)
previously unreleased; Violence Etcetera out now via OSR Tapes

33. halfsour - "Blurred Cameraphone" (Demo)
previously unreleased; charm school out now via Disposable America Records

34. Yours Are The Only Ears - "Saturn"
from the "Saturn" single; courtesy of Team Love Records

35. Tera Melos - "Men's Shirt"
from the album Trash Generator; courtesy of Sargent House Records

36. Blessed - "Headache"
from the album IIcourtesy of Coin Toss / Kingfisher Bluez Records

37. Grim Streaker - "Freak Child"
from the album Girl Minority; courtesy of the band

38. Mauno - "Keys"
from the album Tuning; courtesy of Idée Fixe Records

39. Amy O - "Lavender Night"
from the album Elastic; courtesy of Winspear Records

40. Fits - "Mango"
from the album All Belief Is Paradise; courtesy of Father/Daughter Records

41. Upper Wilds - "UFO"
from the album Guitar Module 2017; courtesy of Thrill Jockey Records

42. Old Maybe - "Metal June"
from the album Piggity Pink; courtesy of Ramp Local Records

43. VV Torso - "Blood"
from the album LPVV; courtesy of Jurassic Pop Records

44. Bee Bee Sea - "This Dog Is The King of Losers"
from the album Sonic Boomerang; courtesy of Dirty Water Records

45. Rye Pines - "Icebox"
from the album Roll With The Urchins; courtesy of King Pizza Records

46. Tunic - "Boss"
from the album Boss; courtesy of the band

47. Juan De Fuca - "All The Time"
from the album Solve/Resolve; courtesy of Arrowhawk Records

48. Shimmer - "Crystal Listerine" (Live at The Glitter Galaxy)
previously unreleased; Shimmer out now courtesy of Drop Medium Records

49. Dove Lady - "A Song Of Healing"
previously unreleased; F out now courtesy of the band

50. Arbor Labor Union - "Church Painter"
from the album Beaware; courtesy of Arrowhawk Records

51. Hah. - "Swimmer"
previously unreleased; from the upcoming album All Your Bad Habits Talk Behind Your Back