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Bummerville - "C U Gone" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Chicago-via-Savannah's Bummerville is anything but a bummer. The solo project of Daniel Brady Lynch (Sunglow, The Lipschitz), the project is lost in the fuzz, swimming through thick reverb and distortion to create spontaneous noise pop and seething garage punk. Bottom Feeder, the project's full length debut is out January 26th via Graveface Records (Xiu Xiu, Night School, Hospital Ships), a perfect pairing for the warped sound of Lynch's wavy pop dirges. "C U Gone," the record's second single is a blast of retro fuzz and howling garage rock riffs. Lynch's vocals are processed and heavily effected, saturating himself into the muck and grime of the song's jangly distorted pop. Speaking about the song, Lynch shared:

"I never write songs about my partner Rachael, or the relationship we share, or my love life at all. I find it hard to justify planning that far in advance to stitch something absolutely personal into some song that could turn out so incredibly general. The idea is almost sinister in some way. Yet, here I am with this love song thing. I think I subconsciously turned on myself for writing it by the end, when I wonder whether I am a clown or not."

Bummerville's Bottom Feeder is out January 26th via Graveface Records.