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Sleepies - "Barf Haus" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

"Barf Haus." Simple. Elegant. Okay, maybe not elegant, but it's a great title for the opening track from Sleepies' latest EP, Melt To You. Due out September 29th via Mirror Universe Tapes, the increasingly reclusive band (life... you know) are rising from the shadows once more, pushing further into the new territory explored on last year's Natural Selection. Inactivity be damned, Sleepies remain one of Brooklyn's finest. Relying on sonic diversity throughout the EP, the band take four divergent paths, each as intriguing as the last. In that regard, "Barf Haus" is sort of the "welcome home" moment, a reintroduction to the Sleepies we know and love.

Riding a giant wave of seething guitars and a pounding rhythm, "Barf Haus" is peak tension invoking Sleepies, a song that feels caustic and propulsive. Thomas Seely (guitar/vocals) and Doug Eng (guitar)'s twin leads snake together, wrapping around the dense thud of the low end, only to peeling back just as the verse begins. Seely's lyrics paint a sardonic love letter to Barf Haus with it's obstructed view and a "nowhere to be" attitude. As the heat thickens and the band dive forward into the red, we reach the less-than-concerned mantra "I'm melting," repeated over and over as though there's not another thought to be had. Its a thought that anyone who loves a good DIY space/basement show in the summertime can understand. 

Sleepies' Melt To You is out September 29th via Mirror Universe. The band will celebrate the release that night in Brooklyn at The Glove with Sodium Beast (also releasing an EP that night via MU), Chat Logs, and C'yotes (RSVP).