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Debbie Downer - "Why Are You So Mad At Me?" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

For a band named Debbie Downer, the Brooklyn quartet sure do seem to have a lot of fun. Their dreamy fuzz pop songs blend surf melodies and 60's girl-group harmonies with a sharp sense of wit that's both bummed out and gleefully sardonic. You Know You're Wrong, the band's debut EP, was released earlier this summer, a confident collection of seemingly sweet songs that pack a bit more bite than appears, and that's the joy of Debbie Downer. Their songs take aim at social norms and the bullshit we're forced to put up with clever lyrics and an ever present shimmering cynicism... and they are seemingly having a great time doing it.

Just look at all the fun they're having in the "Why Are You So Mad At Me?" video... aquatic adventures, running with sheep, sensually hosing off some butt cheeks. It's summer enjoyment at its finest, even if it's all just green screened in. There's sushi, sharks, retro porn, and wine! Then again, it wouldn't be in true Downer fashion if we didn't also get some riot police, car crashes, and cities burning... but don't get too down, there's still fun to be had with Debbie Downer's infectious single, a gloriously hypnotic burner with sugary harmonies and fuzzy grooves.

Upcoming shows:

09/23 - Ridgewood, NY @ Bushwick Open Studios (1642 Weirfield Rd.)
10/06 - Brooklyn, NY @ El Cortez w/ No Honeymoon & Amy Klein
10/12 - Brooklyn, NY @ Our Wicked Lady w/ Spooky Cool & Bombz