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In Conversation with Francie Cool & Leor Miller + "Hailey" & "Lazy" Track Premieres


by Francie Cool (@franciecool420) and Leor Miller (@whoisleormiller)
intro by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The lo-fi bedroom pop and fuzzy emo of Francie Cool and Leor Miller compliment each other well. Both tend to make gentle introspective songs exploring themes of identity, hope, and love, but the differences in their approach bring out the best in each other and we're excited to share their new singles "Hailey" and "Lazy". Cool's more experimental use of noise and sonic manipulation on "Hailey" bring her gentle presence into a beautiful state of chaos, while Miller's syrupy slowcore indebted pop is full of dissonance on "Lazy," but built upon straight forward structures. Together, it's a thing of wonder. The two are getting ready to release Girl, a split EP that captures them both at their best.

With their split coming out on September 29th via Invertebrate Music, the pair got together to ask each other some questions, so we can all get to know them as they get to know each other. It's learning at it's finest.

Francie Cool: Who’s your biggest musical inspiration? 

Leor Miller: I think a lot of my musical inspiration comes from my friends and having crazy anxiety! Some bands whose music has inspired me to make music a lot are The Spirit of the Beehive, Turnip King, Beck, and Katie Dey. I also really like listening to hip hop beats, they’re really creative and deal with rhythm in a really interesting way that makes me reconsider the way i write songs. 

LM: When ur havin' trouble writing, what's your ultimate strategy to get back on it? Do u have a specific routine?

FC: I just wait til I have an idea, I never force it.

FC: Favorite show you’ve played? 

LM: Eee!! I played a really really wonderful fest last September for SMOG at Bard’s tenth anniversary. Some of my really beautiful friends like Turnip King, Palberta, Jack Whitescarver, and Wilt played and then like some mega idols like Palm also played. It was so surreal and it was one of three full band sets I've played of my songs. 

LM: Favorite show you've ever played?

FC: Le Sigh Vol lll release show w/ Thanks for Coming, Emily Reo and Crusher cos both of FC's drummers were there.

LM: What’s the strangest thing that's happened to you on tour/at a show?

FC: Frat dudes being at our shows (in general).

FC: How do you drink your coffee? 

LM: BLACK!!!!!!!! FOR EVER!!!!!!! 

LM: If u were forced to get a tattoo of an emoji which one would u pick?

FC: Probably one of the flower emojis.

LM: If u existed in the cartoon world what cartoon would u be in?

FC: Kiki's Delivery Service

FC: Songwriter you've cried the most listening to? 

LM: Damn… probably like Snowing or something I listened to a lot in high school. But I’ve also been crying to Little Big League’s first record These Are Good People a lot recently... Michelle Zauner is such an incredible songwriter who really describes experiences through really small details. I love it. 

FC: Babadook or byebyedook? 

LM: I’ve never seen the babadook so like, i don’t know… I don’t know that the Babadook is a real like queer icon or anything... I get kind of annoyed with memes sometimes so i don’t really fuck with it hahaha.

LM: Best meme of 2017?

FC: Carlton @ Kava House

FC: Biggest queer icon? 

LM: DAMN. SO MANY. I LOVEEEEEE QUEER PEOPLE!! I really like Shon Faye’s twitter because she’s critically hilarious, I’m also obsessed with my friend June Amelia Rose who is a really incredible thinker and musician…

FC: Who’s your fashion idol in music? 

LM: I try not to have like fashion idols, sometimes I dress like really low key n like jeans and a t-shirt and then sometimes I’m like “oh fuck! I need to wear this really outlandish outfit!” I really only started getting into fashion once I started transitioning... I guess my fashion idol is laziness and band shirts lol! Anything that makes my boobs look good tbh.

LM: What’s one thing you really want people to know about you? Musically, socially, personally, ideologically?

FC: I love my bandmates/friends.

LM: How many unread emails do u have right now?

FC: 3