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Full Body - "Leaf Green" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

whats_good-colors copy.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The Rochester kids are alright, go figure. A few weeks back we had the pleasure of sharing a new song from Rochester's Big Fred and today we present you with Full Body, the latest from the city "made for living." After hearing a great deal of hype from touring friends, its time we all get our proper introduction, and thankfully, Full Body make an impression. The band's songs are built on sweeping dynamics, losing themselves in expansive structures and grandiose indie rock, hinging upon elements of post-hardcore, first wave emo, post-rock, and a hint of progressive rock. There's a sense of panic and quirkiness to it all, but the band's acrobatic instrumentals will forever steal the show. Set to release What's Good?, their full-length debut, on September 22nd via Sad Cactus Records (Tundrastomper, Mothpuppy, Bucket), Full Body sound alive; unpredictable but exceedingly approachable.

"Leaf Green" is our first taste of the record, a fine sample of the vivid colors and constructions the band use throughout their jerky art-rock debut. The song's as immediate as a firecracker held tightly in your palm, coming to life so instantly, you'd swear it was already in progress. Led by a sharp crooning vocal and twisted chord progression, there's no use in footing, Full Body keep the ground perpetually slipping out from under. Driving into waves of epic post-rock crescendos interspersed around every jagged turn, their strengths rely on emotional cacophony and jazzy daydreams. Guitars build and squeal only to crash back down as rhythms shift like the breeze, setting the tone and pulling "Leaf Green" in a variety of directions.

Full Body's What's Good? is out September 22nd via Sad Cactus Records.