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"Best Of August 2017" | A Post-Trash Playlist


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Welcome to the first edition of our new monthly Spotify playlist series, conveniently titled "Best Of [Insert Month Here]". A compliment to our "Fuzzy Meadows" column, you can stream selections from our favorite new albums, singles, and the records we just can't stop listening to. Feel free to subscribe to this playlist, and check back next month. You just may find some new music to love. 

We've reviewed many of these records, premiered some of these songs, and featured most in some capacity on the site, but everyone loves a recap. It's been a strange and often depressing month and our hearts go out to Houston (help out if you can), Charlottesville, and everyone else struggling to weather the storm (both literally and figuratively). but if your long weekend and the weeks to come are in need of a soundtrack, this one is pretty tip-top if I do say so. The end of Summer has arrived... so get one more beach trip in, catch the Twin Peaks finale, and listen to new music. We hope you enjoy.