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Stanley - "Daylight Sun" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

Stanley Cover Art.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Minneapolis' Stanley creates music with warm texture. Ryan Gebhardt's dreamy pop sound is filtered through layers of sonic fog, adding and dropping elements to create lush orchestration from otherwise simple recordings. Blending tropical guitars, thick reverb, and tight drums, the project's self-titled debut is weary yet well-crafted. Gebhardt's guitar melodies speak as loud as his vocals, creating syrupy hooks that drift directly into the sunset, because we could all use a chance to relax every now and then.

"Daylight Sun," the record's second single is as breezy as a palm tree. Stanley fuse together "California Dreamin'" melodies, twangy reverb, and sweet sweet dream-pop bliss to create subtle nuances, massive hooks, and perfect tonality for the sleepiest of days. A wash of spaced out fuzz leads way into Gebhardt's sweeping melodies, dripping with layered perfection, and stunning harmonies. The song's chorus shifts in vocals but retains an infectious melody, shuffling drums, and a heavenly choir. The song's tempos shift like clouds slowly moving over the ocean, and Stanley's swooning pop gets better with every passing moment. The vibes are good. Real good.

Stanley's self-titled album is out September 22nd via Forged Artifacts and King Forward Records.