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Floral Print - "Morning With Ophelia" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Floral Print never sit still for long. There's too many ideas. Too many feelings. Too many chord progressions at hand to simply sit around catching the breeze. Set to release Mirror Stages, their full length debut on October 20th via Tiny Enginesthe Atlanta based duo race from one great idea to the next, knowingly colliding into every jagged twist and turn along the way. Their songs are built with loose frameworks, adapting chaotic structures with soft melodies and a skittish disposition. While detached and occasionally disorienting, Floral Print's clamoring post-punk and experimental emo hybrid is rooted in delicate songwriting and quirky charm. Every bit of technical flash and unpredictable rhythmic shift is matched with elegant hooks and attention to detail.

Lead single "Morning With Ophelia" is as immediate as they come, instantly leaping into their tangled pop sound, building a sideways shifting momentum. Equal parts unpredictable and engaging, Nathan Springer (guitar/vocals) weaves a bright melody between their knotted instrumentals. Forgoing a traditional hook, the band warp tempos, following as though the song is leading the composition. The dizzying flurry of Paul DeMerritt's polyrhythmic drumming roars even as the guitars are pulled back upon the duo's eventual glide into the song's back half. Together, Floral Print opt for a progressive haze over the energetic pop we began with, leaving us questioning where we are, how we got here, and when we can hear more.

Floral Print's Mirror Stages is out October 20th via Tiny Engines.