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Dead Stars - "Smarter" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

Perfect Patterns cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn's Dead Stars have been perfecting their fuzzy brand of rock for the past five years, and they've achieved that 90's power-pop sweet-spot once held by Superdrag, The Lemonheads, and even Tripping Daisy with their new album, Perfect Patterns. "Smarter," the record's fourth single is the ultimate combination of stinging distortion and AM radio bliss. Digging in with a buzzing Cobain friendly riff, the band dive into their crunchiest of fuzz. Jeff Moore's saccharine vocals offer endless melodic fun throughout the verses, gracefully sliding into the song's slacker-mantra of a hook, "all I know is all I've ever done." 

It's simple, effective, and rather brilliant, built on top of an infectious roar that rides the punchy melody into the sunset. As Moore rips into the song's last gasp he sings, "They say that life is never free, maybe they're smarter than you think" without the slightest hint of concern. Dead Stars have embraced indifference, and it's never sounded so sweet.

Dead Stars' Perfect Patterns is out September 1st via Weird Tree Records. The album release show at Sunnyvale is the same night (9/1) with Grim Streaker, Big Bliss, and Fraidycat.