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Big Huge - "Writhe" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Big Huge have a fire in their bellies. They know rock 'n' roll will never die and they're here to prove it. Tired of humanity's incessant desire to claw it's way to the top, the New York DIY punks are happy to circumvent it all and simply do them on their upcoming album, Cruel World. The highly combustible party rock quintet blurs the lines between power-pop, scratchy street punk, and the type of blistering rock 'n' roll that would make Thin Lizzy proud. Much like their peers in Sheer Mag, Big Huge bubble from a similar spring of retro-tinged shredding, using their voices to bring a new found consciousness to the party.

"Writhe," the record's second single opens with a steady backbeat and a harmonic guitar groove, the cornerstone of any great Big Huge song. Then come the riffs... the sweet, unstoppable, endless riffs. The song pops and jangles (dare I say it writhes), free of tension as they ride their shimmering riffs directly into the sunset. Dan Reg's fuzzy vocal melodies are warped and passionate, comparing his emotions to being burned alive as Big Huge rip into a blissed-out solo and an anthemic bridge, forever pulling their momentous boogie forawrd. 

Big Huge's Cruel World is out August 11th via Don Giovanni Records.