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Cove Sauce - "Science Class" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

credit: David Kinchen

credit: David Kinchen

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Prior to last week I had never heard of Cove Sauce, but hot damn, I'm hooked. They've got me. The Boston trio play a decidedly sloppy blend of lo-fi slacker rock, raw and loose at every turn, brilliantly weird, but captivating in every way. Last summer the band released a set of demos, conveniently titled Demos, a collection of songs that wind through hissing fuzz with ragged fury. Deceptive melodies howl and sputter with incredible resolve. It's all fairly rough but I couldn't imagine it any other way, the thick recorded haze complimenting their explosive songs, working together with scrappy guitar tones to create it's own sonic bliss that recalls some of the best (sadly dismantled) bands of the East Coast underground (Graph and Gunk come to mind, comparisons I don't use lightly). Cove Sauce are heading out on tour in August with We Can All Be Sorry, and with that comes the release a new self-titled EP via Super Wimpy Punch.

"Science Class," the first single from their upcoming tape, captures everything that was great about the band's demo and runs with it. The band burst through tangled riffs, sporadic distortion, yawped vocals and dense rhythms, creating something strikingly simple but vividly layered. There's a general reckless kind of vibe that works together with the song's jangly melody while simultaneously working to destroy it. "Science Class" is full of textures colliding together with loose disregard, but their splattered guitar tones and focus remain unfettered, pushing forward as the walls collapse around them. Call it "rascal rock" (as they do) or "combustible pop," but there's a mischievous sense to their ramshackle punk, and good grief, I just want to listen on repeat. This sauce is the boss. Seriously though, consider this one a "band to watch."

Tour Dates (all dates with We Can All Be Sorry):

08/11 - Worcester, MA @ Distant Castle w/ Kiss Concert
08/13 - Philadelphia, PA @ All Night Dinner w/ Francie Cool, Horsecops & Susie Derkins
08/15 - Baltimore, MD @ Joe Squared w/ Salt Circles & Nick Hoegberg
08/18 - Somewhere in CT
08/19 - Boston, MA

Want more? Stream Demos below: