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Dog - "Trash Temple" LP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Sometimes the universe aligns itself in mysterious ways. Today I happen to get my wisdom teeth taken out. My face is numb and I have some painkillers. Today I also get to write about the premiere of Dog's new album Trash Temple, a record that most definitely benefits from a bit of medicated strangeness. For anyone unfamiliar with the long-running experimental noise punk/lo-fi grindcore project, the New York band specialize in a sound that's all together kinda fucked up. It's damaged, scrappy, and as unconventional as these sorts of things get. Vocals are growled (like a dog), gnashing it's teeth over a cacophony of abrasive noise with seemingly wordless aggression. Its safe to say this ain't your grandma's noise rock.

Trash Temple is as filthy as it is reckless but for all it's unforgiving grunts, squalls, and mutated riffs... Dog is surprisingly melodic underneath the carnage. Like the rose that grew out of concrete or whatever, their sinister shrieks and convulsing guitars pair together to form the perfect middle ground between avant-garde noise, hardcore, no-wave, and punk at its most demented. It's not necessarily meant to be understood, but to be felt and experienced at loud volumes. Whether you consider Dog to be art-rock's brilliant freaks (as we do) or simply the weird kids making a damn ruckus, there's no doubt you've never heard a record quite like this one.

Dog's Trash Temple is out July 21st via Drop Medium / 100% Breakfast Records.

Tour Dates:

7/21 NYC @ the glove dog record release show
7/23 Pittsburgh PA @ Rock Room w/ anna azizzy, Cloning
7/24 Athens OH @ Smiling Skull w/ Salad
7/25 Columbus OH @ The Summit
7/26 Indianapolis IN @ State Street Pub w/ Team Leader
7/27 Chicago @ Archer Beach Haus w/ Rob Jacobs Band, John Honey
7/28 Iowa City IA @ RADinc w/ Sun Riah, Mustard-In-Law
7/29 Minneapolis MN @ Sewards Cafe w/ Motörrad Reisen, Intercourse, Velvet Curtain
7/30 Fargo, ND @ Seagrave Studios w/ Manchester Bulge
7/31 Minot ND @ Maria Fatty's house
8/02 Denver @ Club Scum w/tba
8/03 Salt Lake City @ Nick's House
8/04 Caldwell ID 18 Fest @ Android House
8/05 Seattle WA @ Hollow Earth Radio w/ tba
8/06 Portland OR @ Human Flesh Body World w/ Don Gero, Taryn Tomasello
8/07 Olympia WA @ Le Voyeur
8/08 Eugene OR @ Old Nicks
8/11 Los Angeles @ the Y
8/12 Fontana CA @ Depression Chamber
8/13 LA @ All Star Lanes
8/16 Slab City CA @ The Range 7pm
8/17 Phoenix Arizona @ tba w/ RNA
8/18 Santa Fe NM @ house (Yams Paradis / VERN)
8/20 Austin TX @ Beerland
8/21 Dallas TX @ RBC
8/22 Denton TX @ Toms Daquiri
8/23 Houston TX @ Sissy Palace
8/24 New Orleans LA @ Mudlark
8/25 Birmingham, AL
8/26 ATL @tba
8/28 RICHMOND @ Psychobridge with Joe Leggz
8/29 Harrisonburg @ Golden Pony w/ BUCK GOOTER
8/30 DC @ tba
8/31 Baltimore @ tba
9/01 Philadelphia@ tba
9/02 NYC @tba
9/03 Binghamton @ New Spot w/ Bleeders, Fish Out