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Space Mountain - "White Light" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There are things you can always depend on. Things like time passing... or nachos, and in recent years, Space Mountain. For the past five years in a row, Space Mountain aka Cole Kinsler, has been releasing infectious lo-fi bedroom rock, borrowing influence from John Fahey to The Microphones. His albums have a presence that is carefully constructed, full of natural imagery and sleepy tinges of Americana. His latest, Supermundane is set for release on August 4th via Forged Artifacts, another somber batch of introspective songs that can felt as much as heard.

"White Light" is the record's first single, a poetic and subtly twangy ballad that bubbles beneath Kinsler's low croon, pairing acoustic guitars together with fuzzy distortion. As we ponder the depths of our galaxy and the truths of the natural world, Space Mountain builds upon a front-porch charm, embracing DIY's folkier roots with layered synths and a driving melody that squirms through the heart of Kinsler's sun-soaked bummer pop. There's a delicate balance to the gloom and his thoughtful expanse, a lush calm and warm aura. 

"i sat down and chose a tall tree
and i watched until it saw me.
the leaves and limbs and bark started to move
until the words meant nothing to me."

Things aren't always what they seem and the world continues to change with each passing day, but we can ponder our changing reality together with Space Mountain; forever grounded on Earth, but unafraid to explore as far as the mind will wander.

Space Mountain's Supermundane is out August 4th via Forged Artifacts.