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Faux Ferocious - "Me And Jonny" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Nashville's Faux Ferocious make krautrock with a Southern fried aura. On albums like Blues Legends and the futuristic post-punk of last year's Cloning The Rubicon, the band fused together stoner punk, motorik beats, experimental art-rock, and brash rock 'n' roll to create something special, something that sort of sounds like Fu Manchu discovering Can... in the best of ways. Less than a year since that record's release the band are back with a new three song LP on Drop Medium Records, simply titled 12".

First single "Me And Jonny" is both sprawling and hypnotic, opening on a tightly executed rhythm and slowly building upward. By the time the twangy ZZ Top-esque riff comes in, it's quickly contorted into the mechanical rumble of their unstoppable motorik groove, washed into the mix and spit back out with a jittery pulse. Just as the percussive repetition lulls you in, Jonathan Phillips' vocals begin, a break from the hypnotic churn; half-sung, half shouted, and entirely rhythmic in its delivery, Faux Ferocious' bite may just be more vicious than their bark as the song swells into outerspace with stabbing guitars and a mesmerizing ascent into elastic boogie.

Faux Ferocious' 12" is out July 14th via Drop Medium Records.