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Reduction Plan - "Somewhere" LP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Summer has officially begun. A season where people generally spend time outdoors, have a sunnier disposition, and enjoy activities with friends. It’s also a time when people try to find “the song of the summer.” A typically upbeat and catchy tune that you can hum to yourself all season long while drinking outside. But for some, the summer is the worst. Hot and oppressive, in no mood to go outside, in no mood to cheer up, or go and do things. For those that fit into the later category, Reduction Plan’s new album Somewhere is their album of the summer. It’s out Friday, but you can stream the whole album below.

Reduction Plan is the work of Daniel Manning. Written mostly after graduating college, the songs on Somewhere seek to root out where all the discontent and dissatisfaction with life comes from. It’s a quiet record steeped in goth/gaze atmosphere. A perfect record to play while not leaving your bedroom. Standout songs like "Julia" and "Autumn" drip with reverb heavy atmosphere. Music shrouded in fog that would feel at home in the Roadhouse of Twin Peaks. A record that takes its time building the feeling with space and synths.

It might seem counter-intuitive to release such a dark record in June, but for those who enjoy it best when the sun is down, Somewhere is an album that will reveal hidden gems time and again. 

Reduction Plan's Somewhere is out June 23rd.

Tour Dates (all dates with Pinfinger):

7/09 - West Haven, CT @ Crunch House
7/10 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville w/ Stove & Museum of Recycling
7/11 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Pharmacy
7/12 - Columbus, OH @ Trap Basement
7/14 - Flint, MI @ Flint Local
7/15 - Bloomington, IN @ The Void