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Squirrel Flower - "Daylight Savings" | New and Noteworthy

by Mary Kate Crowe (@marykate_crowe)

The video (directed by Melissa Fandos and Nadiri Saunders) for Squirrel Flower's "Daylight Savings" is a somber meditation on the time altering effects of love and the tragedy of the finite. The song's sparse musicality allows Ella Williams' lyrics to take center stage as she mourns fleeting time with a lover; crooning, "I know we gained an hour but it feels like we lost two."

The video's visual interpretation stays on message- using the stark Midwestern backdrop of Grinnel, Iowa and stoic synchronized dancers to convey a nostalgic reminiscence. Williams sits pensively alone in the field in an armchair, as if stuck in a dream. The video builds to a melodramatic nighttime scene of a bedroom filled with multi-color light, which greatly contrasts with the earlier shots. The sudden switch works to provide the viewer with a feeling of lost time.

Squirrel Flower's Contact Sports is out now on It Takes Time Records.

Tour Dates:

6/16: Richmond, VA @ Lucy Lane
6/17: Asheville, NC @ Revolve
6/18: Nashville, TN @ Wilburn St Tavern
6/19: Chicago, IL @ House of Heavy Petting
6/20: Des Moines, IA @ Kitty City
6/21: Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse
6/22: Athens, OH @ The New Happiness