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Crag Mask - "Sleep Eater" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Cole Kinsler (@spaacemountain)

Crag Mask is the project of Zack Abramo (formerly of Vundabar). Gabriel Sciarra, Jason Rule, and Phil Lord join in to fill out the band. The Connecticut quartet’s debut LP Loom is out May 25th via Boston’s Super Wimpy Punch. “Sleep Eater” is a slow-churning and thoughtfully arranged track that serves as an excellent teaser for the forthcoming release. Abramo’s vocals shine brightly over the steadily-chugging fuzz guitar and menacing drums. A thread of uneasiness runs throughout the song, as it shifts between sludgy chords and quiet pauses. It’s a powerful, gritty sound that retains a keen sense for melody and texture.

If leading singles "Semi Slum" and "Blue Snoot" are any indication, Crag Mask is another promising addition to Super Wimpy Punch’s growing family.

Crag Mask's Loom is out May 25th via Super Wimpy Punch. Pre-order the cassette via the label. Pre-order the CD and digital via the band.