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Rays - "Theatre of Lunacy" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Coming straight out of Oakland, Rays trades in a sound that would be at home in the post-punk UK heyday while also incorporating elements from Aussie punk. So it’s a bit of a surprise to hear the band is from Oakland. Usually, first rate nihilism doesn’t thrive in that sunny a locale and their new video for their song "Theatre of Lunacy" plays on that as Stanley Martinez wanders around a cemetery in vampire getup, holding balloons, in the middle of the day. The sad clown in his sad world. It’s a simple premise for a quick song about the absurdity of daily life. Overlaid on the screen weird symbols appear, or are they just random doodles? "Theatre of Lunacy" opens with a strong "Harmony in my Head" vibe. There’s talk of empty dreams and cruelty. “Look to the shattered glass and see your shattered mind.”

The band is going on tour all through June. You should definitely try to catch them if they’re coming to your area because their album is a strong one full of garage post “Flying Nun” like pop.

Tour Dates:

6/3 - Chicago IL @ Do Division Fest - Empty Bottle Stage w/ The Ponys & more
6/4 - Chicago IL @ Archer Ballroom w/ Negative Scanner, Bruised, Porno Glows, Medium Ugly
6/5 - Milwaukee WI @ Ground Zero w/ Black Thumb, Slow Walker, Sex Scenes, Medium Ugly
6/6 - Minneapolis MN @ Seward cafe w/ Ozone 120′s, Gem Jones, Royal Brat
6/7 - Omaha NE @ Brothers Lounge w/ David Nance Group and Billy Liebermann
6/8 - Kansas City MO @ Revolution records w/ Warm Bodies and Nightcrawlers
6/9 - Saint Louis MO @ ask a punk w/ Warm Bodies, Bad Example, the Wad
6/10 - Springfield IL @ Black Sheep Cafe (Dumb Fest 5) w/ Perverts Again, Dumspell, The Stranger, Warm Bodies & more
6/11 - Louisville KY @ the Green Room w/ Electric Drywall Band
6/12 - Indianapolis @ State Street Pub w/ Raw Image, Clue, Dove
6/13 - Bloomington IN @ Magnetic South
6/14 - Nashville TN
6/15 - Atlanta GA @ 529 w/ Nag, Cashmere, the Mall
6/16 - Chapel Hill NC @ the Cave w/ Golden Pelicans and Natural Causes
6/17 - Richmond VA @ Love Jail w/ Golden Pelicans, Locker Room, Fat Spirit
6/18 - Baltimore MD @ Ottobar
6/19 - Philadelphia @ Everybody Hit's w/ Honey Radar
6/20 - Brooklyn NY @ Alphaville w/ Home Blitz, Honey Radar, Rat Columns
6/21- Brooklyn NY @ Silent Barn w/ Sediment Club, Olivia Neutron John and new band
6/22 - Cleveland OH @ Now That's Class w/ Trophy Knife and Christmas Pets
6/23 - Detroit MI @ UFO factory w/ Erik Nervous