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Dark Tea - "Dark Tea" EP | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Mary Kate Crowe (@marykate_crowe)

The New York based band Dark Tea’s self-titled debut release is folk-pop at its best. Frontman Gary Canino (who is also a member of Rips) creates simple but evocative Americana-influenced songs telling bittersweet tales of love lost. The jaunty strumming, subtle crooning, and solid percussion which are apparent on each track come together to form an impressive introduction to the band. The track “Providence Sky” featuring Alexandra Savior is a standout, benefitting from Savior and Canino’s vocal harmony in tandem with an organ. Canino’s voice also shines on the bluesy “Belongs to You” where he croons, “Every time my heart starts to boom/ the red instincts turn to blue”. Furthermore, poetic lyrics on “Next of Kin” and “La La” conjure images of heartbreak and hope in middle America, from dusty roadsides to mobile homes. Dark Tea’s introspection and unique blend of indie, Americana, and singer-songwriter music leaves me eager to hear what else is to come from this project. 

Dark Tea play this Saturday, May 27th at Union Pool in Brooklyn with Plates of Cake, Hans Chew & Rosali.