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Snake Boy Gang - "Roller Coaster" | Post-Trash Premiere

by Jordan Weinstock (@weinstockjordan)

Snake Boy Gang’s new music video for “Roller Coaster,” the second track off of their recent debut album Spit, is about as non-direct and non-coherent as their name. Both are a collection of concepts strung together by force of will, immediately throwing us into Madeline Rafter’s world, a world that’s pretty dang human. We watch Madeline do their thing, jamming along, blissfully unaware of all the immensely average interactions occurring behind them. It is a disconnect so expertly displayed by the song itself. There’s something about this video that just feels right, it’s hard to explain but with each viewing I find myself grooving along a little more. Madeline’s casual excitement (which shines through best on the drum sections in my opinion) is infectious, you can’t help but mime your own drums, who knows, you might even find yourself joining in on the exercise! Then everything changes. Not really, but in perhaps the most suspenseful moment I have ever witnessed in a music video, a rollercoaster pops up and we go down and it's so much fun. So i guess that’s the message for today, sometimes your nervous, sometimes you feel disconnected, sometimes you lie to get out of things, and sometimes you just have to let go.

Snake Boy Gang's Spit is out now via Sleeper Records.