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Eric Slick - "No" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Rob Cleveland

Eric Slick exudes majesty and brilliance in a markedly gentle and introspective new music video for the single, “No.” At first, it looks like the beginnings of a slasher flick, or an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s “Not I” monologue, casting light and contorting shadows of Slick’s face and sensuous lips. Quickly though, the sound and vision leads to an intent gaze at a bed of flowers. Slick—a sensitive man—dons a cape, and a wash of flowers pan across to him, as he wears a vacant expression in an otherwise obvious, self-reflective portrait of the young man himself. Jethro Waters (Angel Olsen, River Whyless) directed the video.

Slick shared:

"'No' is my favorite song off the new record. It's simple and direct. It's a sad song that doesn't sound like a sad song. For the video, I finally got to wear a gold cape and sing in front of a bunch of flowers. You're witnessing a man living out his dreams."

Palisades is one of my favorite records this year, and I promise you this Slick: I wouldn’t lie to you. “It’s an album about meditation, death, self-help, dream therapy, tarot and mysticism,” says the artist. Luckily, Eric Slick + his band are playing their first headlining NYC show this Saturday night at Sunnyvale with Monster Rally and Domino Kirke (info). He's also playing a Rough Trade acoustic set in the Sonos room on Saturday afternoon (info). Don’t miss it!

Eric Slick's Palisades is out now on Egghunt Records.