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Fishplate - "Make Out Scene" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Kat Harding (@iwearaviators)

Community Records’ Fishplate has a new track out now called “Make Out Scene” and it’s the perfect end of school/start of summer track. I haven’t been in school for years now, but there’s still something in the air when May rolls around that signals more freedom, more time with friends, and more fun. (To be fair, my office does half-day Fridays during the summer, so that might be it.) “Make Out Scene” is indie rock at it’s finest, fitting in perfectly with current and former label mates Pope and Ratboys. The New Orleans band will release Heavy Heart on July 16th, but in the meantime, listen to singer-songwriter Grady Bell softly croon about being awkward and shy, never picked for “the make out scene” but always hoping he would be. With cheerfully strummed guitars and steady rocking drums, the song is infectious, hitting its stride in the chorus with gentle harmonies behind Bell’s voice. “I’ve always wanted that make out scene” his voice softly carrying upbeat with just a bit of twangy guitars. Keys thread their way through the song, humming as the track ends, and we’re left hoping Bell finally got that kiss. 

Fishplate's Heavy Heart is out June 16th via Community Records.