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Sweet Baby Jesus - "Dark Horse" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Sweet Baby Jesus put the soul back into Brooklyn's underground with songs that resonate upon a ramshackle jangle and a sure footed rock 'n' roll swagger. The band, comprised of Sammy Weissberg (guitar), Paco Cathcart (guitar), Charlie Dore-Young (bass), JJ Fashad (drums) and Max Brown (vocals) are set to release their full-length debut album, Lyres of Ur, on May 18th via HEC Tapes. Born and raised in Brooklyn, the record is a call back to the classic rock days with a front-stoop swoon. Swelling guitar leads (balanced beautifully between Weissberg and Cathcart), sultry rhythms, and passionately billowing vocals collide with twangy pop and soulful garage-funk influences throughout the record's eternal charm.

Lead single "Dark Horse" is one of the album's most explosive moments, a song that "gets up to get down" right from the intro's pounding drums to the warm Southern vibes that trail just behind. The band are tight and locked into their deep rock 'n' roll vibes as they shred in twangy glory, but it's Brown's impassioned howls and earworm hooks that become inescapable as he cries out "Keep your wonder years wondering; dark horse city" and the sing along refrain "ain't the money so good". The boogie has come for you and resistance is futile. 

Sweet Baby Jesus' Lyres of Ur is out May 18th. The band celebrate the album's release that night at The Glove before heading out on tour.

05/18 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Glove [Album Release Show]
05/19 - Philadelphia, PA *
05/20 - Baltimore, MD *
05/21 - Pittsburgh, PA *
05/22 - Oberlin, OH *
05/23 - Toledo, OH *
05/24 - Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI *
05/25 - Chicago, IL *
05/26 - Chicago, IL *
05/27 - St. Louis, MO *
05/28 - Louisville, KY *
05/29 - Cincinnati, OH *
05/30 - Harrisonburg, VA *
05/31 - Washington, DC *
06/01 - Kutztown, PA *
06/02 - Fleming, NJ *

* w/ Climax Landers