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Mountain Movers - "Vision Television" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

The song's on Mountain Movers' upcoming self-titled album tend to sprawl out. The band's use of longer running time throughout their Trouble In Mind debut allows their chaotic guitars to gradually unfold, exploring space and time with warm tides of distorted noise and augmented sonic drifts. Much like Comets on Fire, Crazy Horse, and Oneida before them, Mountain Movers' work their magic with a sense of patience, choosing to let their song evolve without structure. Mountain Movers are capable of more than spiraling in freeform psychedelic bliss however, as evident on their new single "Vision Television," a concise indie pop song that barely cracks two minutes.

Balanced between the hazy sprawl of "Angels Don't Worry" and the instrumental voyage of album closer "Unknown Hours," Mountain Movers offer some respite with "Vision Television" and it's retro jangle. Still built on a wall of guitars, the band blend between more gentle strums and densely layered distortion, it's Dan Greene's casual vocals and the song's pop-nugget formula that stand out. While Greene sings of restlessness and late night wandering, Mountain Movers remain focused and locked in, with the swarms of guitars aiding the song's path rather than diverging from it.

Mountain Movers' self-titled album is out May 5th via Trouble In Mind Records.