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Dust From 1000 Yrs - "Smoke 'Em Up" (2017) | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

It's been a period of change and new beginnings for Dust From 1000 Yrs since the split release of Famous Cigarettes with Bad History Month back in 2014. Bone moved from Bloomington to Boston, played some shows with a new line-up, played far more solo, and then released Spring last Fall via the appropriately named Dust Etc label. Somewhere along that timeline, Dust From 1000 Yrs' shows became synonymous with bubbles... and with bubbles comes dancing (work with me on this). Which brings us to Dust 2017, an electronic dance album of new and old Dust From 1000 Yrs favorites, due out May 12th via Super Wimpy Punch. Bone eloquently shared some insight into the record:

"there's a story behind this, but i'm just gonna give you an embellished, truncated version. in july i was hit by a car and fucked up my arm. i had shows coming up and i was too much of a badass to cancel a show just cause i was injured. so i had no choice but to figure it out. there was an electronic version of dust squirreled away that had musical origins in the fuzzy past (like way fuzzy past, late 90s) and was sorta fleshed out in 2015. i could put the music on my phone and sing along to it. tada. it felt a little bit like a con but thats never bothered me efore."

"Smoke 'Em Up," originally released on Famous Cigarettes, is reimagined with some serious dance pop glory, cruising on a bed a synths and programmed beats. The juxtaposition of Bone's despondent lyrics "I got a pack of smokes today, something to do while I waste my life away" and the song's energetic electro pop groove truly is something to behold. This record shouldn't work as well as it does... but sometimes we all just need to dance.

Dust From 1000 Yrs' Dust 2017 is out May 12th via Super Wimpy Punch.

Upcoming Shows:

04/14 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Buffalo w/ Pucker Up, Mack Enemy, Pube & DeStructos
04/15 - New Brunswick, NJ @ The Bomb Shelter w/ Morus Alba, Fat Randy & The North American
04/21 - Boston, MA @ Shed Cellar w/ Soft Fangs, Paige Chaplin & The Blue
04/24 - Cambridge, MA @ Charlie's Kitchen w/ J&L Defer, AD.UL.T & Skyjelly
06/14 - Boston, MA *
06/15 - New York, NY *
06/16 - Philadelphia, PA *
06/17 - Richmond / Charlottesville, VA *
06/18 - North Carolina *
06/19 - Atlanta, GA *
06/20 - Jacksonville, FL *
06/21 - Tallahassee, FL *
06/22 - New Orleans, LA *
06/23 - Houston, TX *
06/24 - Denton, TX *
06/25 - Little Rock, AR *
06/26 - Nashville, TN *
06/27 - Bloomington, IN *
06/28 - Athens, OH *
06/29 - Pittsburgh, PA *
06/30 - Buffalo, NY *
07/01 - Connecticut *

* w/ Tick Hive