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Tim Woulfe - "Breathing Thaw" Video | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Joe Gutierrez (@j_gutierrez562)

January 2017. Tim Woulfe and Mike Ditrio. West Coast tour. Plants and lamps and cotton clouds adorn the foreground of each set. Sculpting melodic journeys into sandcastles of fuzz and gain, letting the tides crash in and wash them away. Notes hang sustained like atmospheric fog. Words cut through the noise, body moving through foam, intent on a destination. Breeze blows in, unveiling more and more of the mystery as each second passes. This feeling of emerging. Of conquering. Uncharted territories. Making it into and through and out the other side. “Shining through damp fog. Shining through dark space.” “Rooted and opening out, blooming, accepting”.

The music video for “Breathing Thaw”- the closing track on Tim Woulfe’s latest EP The Thaw- was shot at Land’s End Park in San Francisco. Tim and Mike took advantage of the shore flooded with foam and captured the mesmerizing scene on camera. The dancing foam upon the tide is the perfect spectacle to accompany the slow-burning song storm that unravels upon listening. At the clip’s end, the camera pans over to the artist himself, almost floating, ripe for lift-off. Check it out below:

Tim Woulfe's The Thaw is out now.