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Thanks For Coming - "Half Step Back" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Like a true bedroom pop auteur, Thanks For Coming is prolific. Rachel Brown's New York-via-Chicago project has over forty five releases in their Bandcamp catalog, ranging from sparse lo-fi solo EPs to fuzzy pop albums recorded with a rotating trio. With so much material it can be daunting just figuring out where to begin... until you hear "Half Step Back" that is, an immediate pop masterpiece from the band's upcoming Sspplliitt EP. Due out on April 6th via Yellow K RecordsSspplliitt is actually split (yup) between Thanks For Coming's New York line-up (featuring drummer Mike Kolb and bassist Charlie Dore-Young) and the band's Chicago line-up (Nate Amos on drums and Lindsey Sherman on bass), two exceptional rhythm sections that lends to Brown's jangly pop beauty.

Originally recorded solo on the Fall Becomes Winter EP, "Half Step Back" is given new life as a full-band arrangement with the Chicago based version of the trio, a song as immediate as they come and inescapably endearing. Opening with a quick snap of colorfully distorted guitars, Brown sings "If I give you my heart, will you take it someplace and never bring it back / I don't want to feel sad, don't wanna feel bad, just want to fit in to this crowd." The song is sad at its core but built on the sweetest of sugary blistering pop melodies, it's difficult not to feel joyous. "Half Step Back" is absolutely glowing with retro leaning power-pop fuzz (think Alvvays' debut) and a constant barrage of blissed out hooks. Simply put, this song is amazing.

Thanks For Coming's Sspplliitt is out April 7th on Yellow K Records.