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Wild Pink - "Broke On" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Wild Pink has steadily been taunting us with singles from their upcoming full length and just because we’re mere weeks away from the release date that doesn’t mean they haven’t stopped whetting our appetites. As a result, we’re happy to share "Broke On" with you today. 

Wild Pink is a band that sounds like someone you know but you can’t remember who. A mash-up of all the things you love about all your favorite bands. They’re simply a rock band putting out cleverly titled rock songs about all the seemingly mundane things that rule most of our lives. 

"Broke On" is a song in three parts. There’s the quiet intro that gives way to a more assured section as the drums and bass join in. Then towards the end the third part hits, the band at full volume. While the band increases in volume and tone, the vocals retreat further back into the mix. The song as a whole has the feeling of getting in your car and driving out of that town for the last time. Memories playing back in your head. And as you hit the city limit the voice in your head recedes and fades out. What’s left is the pure feeling that the music personifies, the meaning found in the tone. “He said if you don’t stop moving, you will never feel bad, so I hung an envelope, on my wall, that says PMA” John Ross sings in the beginning. What is PMA? A guess could be Positive Mental Attitude. The thing hoped for by leaving. Of course, just as you think some epiphany is being reached, the song cuts out and is over. Much like real life, there is no complete full resolution that gives any full satisfaction. Clean breaks are never quite so clean.

Give the song a listen and decide for yourself. Wild Pink’s self-titled album is out February 24 from the fine folks over at Tiny Engines.