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Dimples - "Pit of Bones" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Nicey Music has been on a hot streak since December (and beyond) with essential releases from Plum Professional, Mega Bog, and Jepeto Solutions and the Los Angeles based label shows no signs of slowing down. They've teamed up with the like-minded Feeding Tube Records, Laughable Recordings, and Dontrustheruin to release the sophomore album from Dimples, a duo comprised of (New England) Patriots' Colby Nathan and Follies' Greg Hartunian. Due out on February 24th (just ten days away), Whimpers is described as "twisted country" but Dimples' music is cerebral and cinematic, cosmically experimental, and utterly leisure. While Nathan's time in Patriots (and Hyena before that) is mostly spent frantic or joyfully unhinged, Dimples' sound is calm, focused, and sonically at peace. Soundscapes blur like mirages in the desert sun, slowly evolving, slowly shimmering, and slowly decaying. Dimples' music works best with patience and a blank mind. Open yourself to Dimples and slide into the ether.

We're thrilled to premiere the duo's latest single "Pit of Bones" today. The haunting song saunters back and forth on a lush bed of plinking synths and warm ambience, gaining layers and kicking up dust while remaining relentlessly mellow. The phrase "look into a pit of bones" is rarely a lulling statement, but Dimples is a rare band, and perception is always debatable. Dimples' atmospheric folk floats, twitches, and permeates with late night solitude and eerie beauty. Is it a coincidence we're sharing this on Valentine's Day... yes, but I like to believe it was meant to be; love in tranquility.

Whimpers is set for release on February 24th as a co-release between Nicey Music, Feeding Tube Records, Dontrustheruin, and Laughable Recordings.