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Narcos Family Band - "Leopard Stealth" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

Narcos cover.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Philadelphia's Narcos Family Band play a rowdy version of punk with influences coming from hardcore, post-punk, and just about every sub-genre in between... and they seem to be having a great time doing so. They've found a fitting home for their ruckus at King Pizza Records, and together they will release the band's third EP in as many years, the riotous good times of Pink Blues. Spanning four filthy tracks, the sextet let loose in a furious way that recalls The Bronx's early years, primal and heavy, but joyous in a youthful aggression kind of way.

Album opener "Leopard Stealth" opens with a prolonged riff, wavering in the breeze all alone, sludgy and full of doom. As the rest of the band comes hurtling in, the band explode, big deranged saxophone and all. They pummel and thrash with a brash disregard for pop accessibility and yet the song grooves. The howling vocals make you want to shout along and the hypnotic skronk of the sax and the guitar's sleazy riff are as hip-shaking as their are brutal. It's that mix of good time recklessness and subtle danger that really make it such a compelling listen. It's rooted in hardcore and post-punk, but Narcos Family Band are most definitely having fun doing it.

Narcos Family Band's Pink Blues is out December 31st via King Pizza Records