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Fire Is Motion - "Ringside" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

Still, I Try Album Art.jpg

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Everyone in the world loves New Jersey based majestic folk pop with introspective lyrics... we'll call it the Pinegrove effect. Just in case their new single has left you clamoring for you, we introduce you to Fire Is Motion, a band that shares more than just a home state with your beloved Americana collective (whom they're supporting in December). Led by Adrian Amador, the band's music is lush and personal, earnest and dynamic, with enormous harmonies and laid back country charm. Set to release Still, I Try, their official debut on November 17th, the songs are a warm blanket of self-reflection and layered emotions, brought to life with sweeping pop and well-crafted orchestrations.

While previous Fire Is Motion recordings and demos were the solo project of Amador, Still, I Try finds the project expanding, joined by Avery Salermo (vocals) and Phelan Tupik (trumpet, keyboards, glockenspiel), creating a delightfully full sound. "Ringside," the record's centerpiece is a shimmering example of the new found possibilities, starting off with Amador's sparse rhythm and acoustic guitar, but as his longing vocals sprawl over the finger picked melody, the song builds, keys rise like the fog, and then the harmonies hit with a melancholy bliss. It's a powerful addition to the song's fragile disposition, soaring into a new compositional stratosphere without really shifting things at their core. "Ringside" is grandiose in the most natural of ways.