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Shady Bug - "Walk Me Home" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

There's something undeniably captivating about St. Louis' Shady Bug and Hannah Rainey's brilliantly elastic songwriting. The band released their full length debut, tbh idk, back in April, a collection of warped pop songs, blending together elements of punk, twee, and experimental folk with a warm embrace nearly impossible to escape. There's a tag on their Bandcamp that says "warm rippers" and it's a fitting description for the quartet - Tom Krenniing (guitar), Todd Anderson (bass), Aaron O'Neill (drums), and Rainey - and their lulling but twisted pop convulsions. Their music is infinitely repeatable, relatable, and tbh idk could be one of the year's best kept secrets; twenty five minutes heavy on swooning bliss.

We're thrilled to share the premiere of the "Walk Me Home" music video, a gentle and heartwarming clip that features the band rocking out the backyard with a sense of longing for a lost pup. As things continue though, all hope is restored and a gang of puppies take the band for a nice stroll. It's pretty much what the world needs right now. Rainey's gorgeous vocals waver in splendid melodies and unique phrasing between ripples of distorted guitars and a persistent rhythm. If you don't love this, you may in fact be dead inside.