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Joey Nebulous - "Cupid Clutter" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Julia Leiby

Joey Nebulous, a queer twee pop band now based in Chicago but hailing from Oberlin, Ohio, is set to release their new six song EP, on December 1st. The EP, High on Daddy’s Day, will be out on Sleeper Records, a small label based in Philadelphia. The main force behind Joey Nebulous is Joseph Farago. He writes deceptively simple, yet catchy indie pop songs whose insightful and perceptive lyrics stick with you after these brisk songs are over. Today Joey Nebulous is premiering the song "Cupid Clutter". Just over two minutes long, the song concerns finding romance as a queer person and its difficulties. The song features precise drums, bass, and childlike sounding keys and synths. Some parts of the song feature Farago singing over drums and bass (without keys), and this spare instrumentation really make the vocals stand out. “I wish I could find someone that loves me like I do,” Farago sings, and it’s a biting, relatable sentiment.

Says Farago of the song, “Being queer seems like an endless daydream and investigation; trying to relentlessly clock a cutie’s mannerisms of gayness is super tiring and usually unfulfilling. [The song also expresses] how f*cking rad I think I am […] my love for me is unwavering but that doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely, or sad, or feel the pressures of monogamy.” Trying to find love in a world that is not conditioned for you is a tough task but Joey Nebulous handles it with grace in an approachable way. The listener can empathize with Joey Nebulous completely. 

Joey Nebulous' High On Daddy's Day is out December 1st via Sleeper Records.