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Antiphons - "Benadryl" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Richmond, VA's Antiphons have created themselves a fine EP, a damn fine EP, conveniently enough titled Fine. The name however doesn't refer to the quality of music (spoiler alert: it's better than fine), but rather the band's disposition after the emotional turmoil of Groan, their full-length released back in January. If that album revolved around a sense of loss and heartbreak, turns out the quartet are doing just fine... and they've never sounded better, go figure. Set for release on November 10th via RVA's own Citrus City, Antiphons are letting go and turning up.

Lead single "Benadryl" is a fantastic reintroduction to the quartet's art-rock glory, a song that blends power-pop and psych together in a gentle but just slightly off-kilter way. Built upon more than a few sugary sweet guitar riffs, Antiphons' warm and fuzzy hooks circulate between Brian Dove's cool croon and their spritely guitars. Stuttering drums raise the song's intensity as the band careen into a casual solo, escalating to the finale with a relaxed effervescence.

Speaking about the single, the band shared:

"Last Fall, Antiphons were working on a music video for their song Losing Teeth." Brian and Tommy drove up to NYC to shoot on the roof of dancer Chloe Bowman's Brooklyn apartment.  At the end of the night they were satisfied they'd have plenty of coverage for a nice edit, so they ordered pizza for the crew and Brian accidentally ate a pesto sauce that was made with walnuts, which Brian is allergic to. Tommy and Chloe drove him to the hospital where Brian threw up into a plastic sock and dozed off on Benadryl for a few hours. Antiphons' new song "Benadryl" is about that experience, having good friends take good care of you, and the fragility of our flimsy human forms."

Antiphons' Fine is out November 10th via Citrus City.