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Porches - "Find Me" | Single Review


by Mary Kate Crowe (@memkaycrowe)

On “Find Me,” Aaron Maine finally emerges from the cocoon of bummer pop which surrounded Porches' previous release, Pool, and makes the leap from brooding sad boy experimenting with synthesizers to a full fledged electronic phenom. In fact, this song would not seem out of place blaring out of speakers in a New York City club. It seems that Maine has finally gained mastery over his new sound, extinguishing any doubts that he won’t be able deliver in a genre he is still relatively new to. The new track’s pulsating drum beat creates a solid foundation for Maine’s crooning and creates a compelling dissonance between the cryptic and ominous lyrics, “I can’t let it find me.” Furthermore, the track continues to explore Maine’s conflicting desires for connection and separation, as he did on the Pool single “Be Apart” asking the listener “touch my neck and walk me home/ I’ll be fine once I’m alone.” The quick tempo imbues the request with a certain chaotic energy, fully illustrating the confusion that these two coexisting needs breed within the speaker. 

Though the song is a promising look into Porches’ forthcoming record The House, the single and it’s predecessor “Country” lack the personal vulnerability promised in the new album by Maine and Domino Records. Ultimately, “Find Me” displays a greater departure from the dark minimalism of Pool than “Country” and I, for one, can’t wait to see what else he has to offer for his third studio release. 

Porches' The House is out January 19th via Domino Records.