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Monster Bad - "I Luv Yr Aggression !!" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

New York's Monster Bad take seclusion to heart on their latest EP, Spark Thrush (due out November 3rd), a record recorded in solitude by frontperson Chris Graci. Built upon computers and synths in Graci's dorm room, the record blends together both natural and processed sound, creating a uniquely blurred reality where close relationships are as important as they are destructive. "I Luv Yr Aggression !!" explores those textures and feelings, layering itself with found sound and Graci's emotive vocal performance. As chimes shimmer and clamor with the pulsating beat, a wash of synths fill the atmosphere, offering a dreamy aura to the song's power-pop jangle.

Animated and directed by Graci, the song's video captures the hope and disparity of finding your partner with an alien dating game show where things don't go quite as planned. As one bug like creature does "the cabbage patch" the contestant seeking love is left to pick up the pieces of their own unfortunate reality.

Monster Bad's Spark Thrush is out November 3rd via Funeral Sounds. All sales through Monster Bad's Bandcamp page will be donated to The International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund.