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OxenFree - "Machine" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Brooklyn's OxenFree recently released Another Land, a new EP that captures the band's boisterous psych pop with the twang of Nashville (where the record was recorded) filtered through the hustle of the New York. It's filled with exuberant hooks and passioned vocals, hinging upon a loose charm and nervous energy. The quintet's roots are planted firmly within traditional rock 'n' roll, but Another Land finds them pushing those boundaries, adopting a Southern fuzz and letting things unfold on their own terms. 

The animated video for "Machine," a highlight of the EP, is brilliantly hand-drawn, with an innocence in it's jagged lines and warm characters. The song is majestically defiant about the drone-like working conditions of society, captured by director Matt Smithson's portrayal of the protagonists' transfixed smile via his robot helmet amid his own pained eyes. There's a sweet sentiment to be found however as the tide turns for those willing to hold on long enough.

OxenFree's Another Land is out now via King Pizza Records and Sneaky Bear Records.