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Beware of the Dangers - "The Calm Before The Storm" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Washington, DC's Beware of the Dangers is a new project from Young Rapids' Dan Gleason and he's brought along some familiar faces for the ride. Set to release their self-titled album on November 9th, the record is billed as a "psychedelic protest record of sorts," focusing on the collective confusion and anger that stem from our current political climate. Lead single "The Calm Before The Storm" features Den-Mate's Jules Hale and Paperhaus/Young Rapids' Colin Kelly, taking up a swirling array of synths and 80's inspired synth pop and ultra-processed post-punk. Gleason and Hale address the matter head on, "Who's to blame / Can we answer that / Does it matter now / Now the war / Which once was far / Now it stands right outside your door" with a phrasing that's slightly off, sllghtly slurred, but increasingly engaging.

Speaking about the project Gleason shared:

"I kind of consider Dangers my alter-ego. Like Spaceman Spiff is to Calvin. It allows me to feel childish and weird and glammy and impulsive without consequences. So far Dangers has been my best friend, giving me the confidence needed to act without holding back and thinking about the conceptual aspect of creating."