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Headroom - "Flower of Light" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere


by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

New Haven, CT's Headroom offer an escape to the thoughts of the day, a searing white-hot energy that manifests in meditative guitar distortion. Formed by Kryssi Battalene (lead guitarist of the similar psych-minded Mountain Movers), the sprawl of Headroom takes a deeper dive into psychedelic pastures, ruminating on noise as melodic evolution with a free-form approach. Set to release their debut album, Head In The Clouds, on October 20th via Trouble In Mind Records, the five track LP is consistently expansive in thought and execution, contorting ethereal beauty and sonic extremes.

"Flower of Light" is the album's grand finale, a slow burning rise, that rings with gorgeous tonality into a swarm of Battalene's most blistering guitar noise, swallowing the dusty atmosphere whole in the prettiest of ways. It's noisy and abrasive, yet calming and contemplative, a reflection of sunshine in dissonance. With squalls of distortion that would make Neil Young proud, "Flower of Light" takes a gentle approach to bludgeoning, bursting around the five minute mark with beautiful vocals that juxtapose the squalor that encapsulates them. It's a glowing voyage into destinations unknown.

Headroom's Head In The Clouds is out October 20th via Trouble In Mind Records.