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Plum Professional - "Spooky Action at a Distance" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Back in November we had the pleasure of premiering "Deep Double Blind," an incredible song that found Plum Professional, the duo of Luke Csehak (The Lentils, ex-Happy Jawbone Family Band) and Michael Chadwick (ex-Laser Background), collaborating together with Weyes Blood aka Natalie Mering for high fourth quarter results. Since then the band has released Employee Handbook, a must-hear record of MIDI based psych, folk, lo-fi soul and pop. Plum Professional is the perfect fusion of Csehak and Chadwick's songwriting gifts, a twitchy take on retro pop for our distorted future. It's a timeless project that rewards familiarity, pulling you deeper into their bedroom-psych web with each repeated listen.

After falling head over heels for the album, we're excited to share the animated video premiere for "Spooky Action at a Distance," one of the many highlights from Employee Handbook. Csehak's wiry guitar grooves blend seamlessly with Chadwick's electronic touches, combining together to create a sound somewhere between cosmic funk and garage-soul. As the duo let their trip evolve and squirm in disjointed glee (joined once again by Weyes Blood's background vocals), their triumphant boogie soars into a realm of untapped bliss. Plum Professional's video captures the vibe in kaleidoscopic animation built on psychedelic shapes, patterns, and the all seeing Sesame Street-like eyes. It's a video that genuinely adds to the song's splendor, so free your thoughts and let Plum Professional warm your soul.

This is as professional as it gets. Official briefcase stuff.

Plum Professional's Employee Handbook is out now on Nicey Music.