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Oceanator - "Baby Won't You" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Oceanator is the solo project of Elise Okusami, a versatile musician who has spent time playing drums for both Vagabon and The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman. Set to release their self-titled debut EP on February 10th, we've got the premiere of "Baby Won't You," the record's third single. Built on a surf pop riff and retro charm, Okusami's vocals quickly steal the show with an anthem for anyone who is tired of being walked over. As the song's repetitious hook calls out "baby won't you smile for me" there's a notion that things are not okay and a smile is far from the problem. Okusami layers her voice amid the song's breezy riffs and whip tight rhythms, simultaneously balancing an atmosphere of warm guitar reverb deep within the mix and an undeniable clarity in her message. "Baby Won't You" plays it loose as things threaten to come unglued, but as the dust settles, Oceanator stands victorious.

Oceanator is out February 10th. The band will celebrate the release on February 8th at Alphaville in Brooklyn with The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman and Ghost King.