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Peaer - "Third Law" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Sometimes, if you're tired enough, the feeling becomes inescapable. Peaer make music for that state of suspended consciousness, the perfect soundtrack for busy minds and dulled senses. The tempos are slow, the lyrics are introspective, and the progressions build to surreal plateaus of disenchanted beauty. Peter Katz (guitar, vocals), the mastermind behind Peaer, uses dynamics and space to shape the images around him, creating a sense of warmth in darkness, gaining as much emotional weight from his lyrics as his delicately layered compositional work.

Set to release their self-titled sophomore album, Peaer, on September 30th via Tiny Engines, the band are sharing the record's second single, "Third Law" today. Filled with texture and haunting progressions, the song's sweeping melody winds itself around heavenly swelling choruses, tightly doubled vocal harmonies that drop in and out, an understated glockenspiel phrase, and a colossal performance from drummer Max Kupperberg. As Katz's song wraps itself around one fleetingly gorgeous moment to the next, "Third Law" moves in perpetual motion (Newton would be proud), forever building in an impeccably natural way, from the sparsest moments of the introduction to the crushing finale, every moment feels earned and intuitive. Dealing with themes of oppositional force, desire, and complacency, Katz's lyrics float over the lush accompaniment, culminating in the revelation of a life "in motion but still stagnant". Their sound may be weary, but Peaer's attention to detail is as vibrant as can be on one of this year's best crafted records.

Peaer's self-titled album is out September 30th via Tiny Engines. Pre-orders are now available with limited edition grape/lavender split and coke bottle clear vinyl.