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The Cradle - "Can't Recall The Good Times" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

From the title "Can't Recall The Good Times," you'd be forgiven for thinking The Cradle's new single is digging into classic rock territory. While The Cradle, the solo project of the ever prolific Paco Cathcart, is always changing shape and sound, he still hasn't quite gone down that road, but the song's dreamy vibe does present the project with a wistful ambiance. Adaption is in the in air around "Can't Recall The Good Times" but it's filtered through The Cradle's unique view. Cathcart has built a following on challenging sounds and experimental songwriting, but his upcoming record The Layers of Honey opts for a softer sound with a mellow disposition and an unwavering glow. It's not to say The Cradle has gone "pop" necessarily, but sometimes the most "challenging" aspect of an artist can come in their ability to write straightforward songs while keeping things simultaneously intriguing.

Cathcart's doubled vocal harmonies float casually over finger picked guitar melodies, as his lyrics pull you into the decaying imagery and heart pulling beauty. Cathcart sings "I fix my house, and then I fix you" and the impact is hard to shake, there's a tender care to the delivery that puts the line from a place of concern and not control. One of the album's most sincere and simple moments, the warm bliss of The Cradle in this form is inescapable.

The Cradle's new album The Layers of Honey is out September 23rd via Ramp Local as a digital download or a limited edition double cassette release with a bonus album.