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Lubec - "Ember" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Disposable America is continuing their impeccable 2016 with the release of Cosmic Debt, the new album from Portland, OR’s Lubec. Engineered and produced by Dylan Wall at The Map Room in Portland, OR and Tastefully Loud in Seattle, WA, the trio of Caroline Jackson (piano, vocals), Matt Dressen (drums, vocals), and Eddie Charlton - (guitar, vocals) are premiering their new single "Ember" and we’re happy to have it for you here. 

The song opens with the reverb cranked. Their tone is warm and inviting, fuzzy around the edges, as if being the audible example of the opening words “Ember. Hot coal. Heat what. I froze.” But Lubec isn’t a straight dream pop band. There is a harder indie rock core running through their sound and the way the song is structured that counterpoints their gaze like vibes. The guitar line is nimble as is the vocal interplay between Jackson and Charlton. The way they trade lines and sing two competing trains of thought together reminds one of nearby Seattle’s Pretty Girls Make Graves. The band is “Both spark and cinder!” as Charlton sings later. 

Cosmic Debt is out September 30th and you can pre-order the album now.