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Mark Cone - "Come On Aileen" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Dan Goldin (@post_trash_)

Mark Cone may not be a familiar name but those invested in New York's punk, noise, and experimental scenes will most definitely be familiar with his work. Better known by his actual name, Jackie McDermott, he's a member of both Urochromes and The Sediment Club, two of the more exciting bands currently reigning down the weirdness across the East Coast. Having developed an alter-ego however, it only seems right that McDermott will release his first solo release under the Mark Cone moniker, a 7" aptly titled Mark Cone Sings.

Armed with a miniature Casio keyboard and "a meticulously programmed" 8-bit drum machine, the result in no frills synth punk. Quick, loose, and dirty. We know what you're thinking and no, this isn't some shitty ultra lo-fi 80's cover gimmick. Hell, it's not a cover at all. It's brash and unrelenting, like a carnival ride stuck in motion, Mark Cone howls and sneers about "real marriage" with chaotic disregard and sparse yet effective back-up vocals from Louise Chicoine and Laura Bradford. It's all a bit bizarre and charming in the B-52s sort of way and just as you find yourself pulled into their hypnotic 8-bit circus it's over and gone. Thankfully Mark Cone Sings packs another five songs on the debut single, due out July 26th via Nicey Music.