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Calgrove - "Nothing" | Post-Trash Exclusive Premiere

by Jonathan Bannister (@j_utah)

Calgrove is a new project from Jack Stansbury (Princess Reason) and Taylor Batton. Today we’re premiering their first single “Nothing” off their upcoming EP out August 16. Calgrove was started with some old friends: Arta Aramideh (bass), and Riley Campbell (drums). Three of the four members attended the same high school in suburban Maryland and two go even further back to elementary school days. Stansbury shares songwriting duty with Batton.

Those who are familiar with Princess Reason’s college rock sound will find a lot to like here, but at the same time this isn’t just more of the same under a different name. It’s refined and more honed. Batton’s presence can also be felt. There’s a twinge of alt. country to it. “Nothing” is a song at ease with itself. It has a laid back leisurely pace. It could also be described as resigned as Batton sings “I’ve always gotta get another start, I’ve always gotta break another heart, When it’s over it’s over it’s all the same to me, When it’s over it’s over just let me be.” The lyrics lending the song a contemplative air, the feel of a song providing the soundtrack to a long drive  where some things are needing to get worked out.

It’s a promising introduction to Calgrove and a song that leaves us wishing August 16 was today.  Listen to the song below and head on over to Bandcamp to download the single for free.